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Meet The Crew

Meet the Crew 


The Paddlers

Austin Fontanella “Lewis”

The older brother in this excursion and therefore the leader. Since graduating from Emerson College he's followed the path of the overworked and underpaid journalist. Austin has been a radio morning show co-host, a member of the Boston Red Sox video team, and most recently the Sports Director at WUTR in Utica, NY. To break up the desk work he's also a volunteer firefighter, and one time even saved a cat (I know giving into stereotypes isn’t good.) When he's not fighting off bears, snakes, or the occasional Walter White want-to-be, Austin will be maintaining the blog


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  Trent Fontanella “Clark”

If you need to know anything about Trent just remember the phrase, “I’m on island time.” It’s not just a wooden sign proudly displayed in his bedroom; for this member it’s a way of life. Having conquered both an IT job at HubSpot and the Appalachian Trial, the fate of this trip rests more on his shoulders than he realizes. While Trent at first wanted nothing to do with the blog, none of this would have been possible without his help.



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