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Where are They now?

Tracking the Journey

My people (I hope it's still ok to call you my people) our journey is complete! On Thursday, August 31st, 2017 this ragtag bunch pulled into port in New Orleans. It's been an absolute amazing journey, and thanks to my top notch record keeping you can check out some of our big milestones below. Thanks for following along with us, and we hope you enjoyed the journey! 

Current State- Louisiana 


08/31- We touched down in the promised land as we landed in New Orleans, Louisiana!
Hurricane Harvey has slowed us to a snail's pace. 50 combined miles in two days means we're taking cover in Darrow, Louisiana. 
08/26- Took some time to enjoy Red Stick, Louisiana or "Baton Rouge" for you French speakers. Geaux Tigers!
08/24- Cruised into Morganza, Louisiana, and now have but one state left to conquer. 

08/22- We found our happy place in Natchez, Mississippi. 
08/20- I am not exaggerating when I tell you some kind soul let us borrow his own car for the day so we could explore Vicksburg, Mississippi. Thank you Randy! 
08/18- We reached the final two states in our journey! As a reward we were rained on the moment we crossed state lines. Also, our first night was in Transylvania, Louisiana (feels like they're asking for trouble there). 

08/17- Stopped in Greenville, Mississippi for a quick resupply. I can now cross off hitch hiking in the bed of a stranger's pickup truck off my bucket list. 
08/14-i We stopped by all the Helenas (East, West, and regular) as we caught up on some Civil War history. 

08/10-08/12- We put on our blue suede shoes and went walking in Memphis.

 Caruthersville, Missouri, a hitchhiker's paradise. No matter where we went in this generous town some kind stranger offered us a ride. Plus, if you ever stop by you must go to Bro. Doug's BBQ, and say hi to BJ for us (and treat yourself of course).  

Missouri /Illinois
08/04- With the Ohio River in sight it was a quick stop for water in Cario, Illinois. Next stop Kentucky!  
08/01-We learned everything there is to know and then some about Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.
07/29- Made it into St. Louis, and were quickly reminded of how a city works as Kevin Williams shook us down for $25. (He was quite convincing).
07/28- Got all dolled up and went out with Lady Luck as we visited the Argosy Casino in Alton, Illinois. 
07/25- Checked out Mark Twain's childhood home in Hannibal, Missouri. 

07/22- We had a night we'll never forget in Carman, Illinois thanks to the unmatched hospitality of the Lightfoot family and crew. 
07/20-Blew past all four chances to hang out in the Quad Cities and instead got lunch in Muscatine, Iowa. 

Wisconsin/Iowa (07/13-07/15)
07/15 -
We unceremoniously left behind the land of the cheese curds as we landed in Dubuque, Iowa. We can't thank Joe and Lynne from Lot One enough for picking up two smelly travelers, and showing us such kindness. Plus, Joe's bar might have become our second unofficial sponsor?
07/14 - We refueled and recharged with a stop in Marquette, Wisconsin. Trent surprisingly didn't step foot in the riverboat casino, and we had four nameless angels secretly pay for our lunch (thank you).

Minnesota/Wisconsin (06/20-07/13)
07/13/17- Adios Minnesota! We finally escaped the state's stranglehold, and have moved on to border Wisconsin and Iowa.  
07/12/17 - We found a new friend in Fortune City, Wisconsin, and dare we say the unofficial sponsor of the website? Thank you Fortunata's!
07/08/17- Twins Basil! Twins! That's right, we floated into Minneapolis, Minnesota or one of the twin cities. 
07/06/17- Strap on your skates, we've skidded into St. Cloud, Minnesota.
07/02/17- It was another night of pizza as we touched down in Brainerd, Minnesota.
06/26/17- Jean (our loyal canoe) touched down in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. 
06/22/17- We've landed in Bemidji, Minnesota (one of the many places to claim Paul Banyan). 
06/20/17- We're off as paddle touched water.