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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

Mark Your Calendars

It may sound hard to believe, but the kickoff to our big trip is right around the corner. I know what many of you are probably thinking, “Quit milking this adventure and get on the water already!” To that I will say, “Shut up”.

Way back in April, yours truly (Austin) cleaned out his Central New York desk, and headed back to the Granite State. It was there our young hero courageously moved back in with his parents, and took full advantage of the self-replenishing magic fridge. Now almost two months removed from that fateful day, Austin finally welcomed home his co-pilot, and defender of eating foods well past their expiration dates, Trent. It should also be noted this development means all three Fontanella boys are now unemployed. A fact which has driven Tom and Liz to open a second bottle of DaVinci (“a well-balanced chianti with medium weight” – way to body shame DaVinci) each night.

An uptick in DaVinci stock is not the only change due to Trent’s recent unemployment. His move to early retirement also jump starts our journey down the Mississippi River. For those of you scanning this article for the departure date we can tell you we’ll hit the road the week of June 11th (a special week which also contains flag day). During this time, we’ll take a (likely) three-day road trip out to Lake Itasca, Minnesota.

bro bama.jpg(I'd take this as our alternate flag)

Why the late departure date? Before we signed our life away to the river, Mama Font demanded one more round of family memories. These will most likely keep her warm as she stands outside each summer night and curses the heavens for our life choices.

The powers that be will soon send us first to the Azores and then Barcelona. I’m telling you this not so you can rob us (please don’t), but so you know why we’ll be relatively unheard from for the next couple of weeks. While there is internet in Europe, you can bet Not Quite LC won't shell out the pretty penny to Instagram our daily meals. So please stick with us, and know by mid-June this crazy adventure will kick into full gear.

azores.jpg(Humble brag with this stock photo of the Azores)


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