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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

Screw You Cancer

With great pride I can now announce we've officially surpassed our fundraising goal! You're dam right that deserves an exclamation mark. I wanted to quickly thank everyone who chipped in, and erased my very real fear that we would come up woefully short. 

Together we've raised over $2,320 for cancer research, and have filled up our ceremonial paddle with my chicken scratch. (The one where $50 gets your initials scribbled on it). 

I guess now is as good a time as ever to announce Dubuque, Iowa seems like far enough for this trip. (What are you going to do, take back your donation?)

Of course I kid, the journey will go on! I mean even with a leaky canoe we are Louisiana or bust. I just wanted to recognize all those who have helped out so far, and to say even though we've reached our goal I have no problem flying past it. 

If you'd like to donate you can still do so by clicking here. The link will remain active throughout the trip. 

Thank you again to everyone who's helped out (both on and off the river) and we hope you continue to enjoy our journey down the Mighty Mississippi.


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