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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

The Three Amigos

They say the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step, but what about the journey of 2,300 miles? Seeing how there’s no formal recommendation for that number I'll start by presenting to you the first three items purchased by a non-family member for this trip. They were a gift from the Giovannones, you're welcome for the shoutout by the way, and with it begins my supplies stockpile.

The actual start date is still a month or two away so don't let this short list fool you. I'm now going to run through the three items so you can impress (or more accurately annoy) your friends and family with useless canoe supplies facts.

First up, weighing in at a couple of ounces... (you have to do an overzealous announcer voice in your head or this isn't going to work. Now go back and read that again.) Some say he's a bit clingy but we still love him... He's the adhesive that's oh so cohesive, the holder from Boulder... it's duct tape! And heavy duty duct tape at that. Perfect for any small gear malfunctions, and in a pinch even a quick fix for a leaky canoe.


Our next item has the reputation of being a bit of a hot head. He can go off at a moment's notice, and when he does there is no controlling him. Most people say you shouldn't play with fire, but if that's the case he'd be obsolete. He's three inches of furry, but don't mention that because he's sensitive about his height... Put your hands together for (you're still doing that announcer voice right?) the CRKT spark'n sharp (which I kid you not is trademarked) fire starter. Sure downloading the lighter app on your phone is cool, but we're hoping this guy will do more than out you as a wannabe hipster. 


We close our presentation with one of the most important pieces of equipment. Whomever said baggage is a bad thing obviously never met our final guest. If you think she's overrated, try skipping the dryer the next time you wash your clothes.  She's light, she's waterproof, she's the sea to summit lightweight dry sack! At two liters she's perfect for storing in a canoe and while we made the laundry comment earlier, she'll probably be used to carry first aid supplies. 


And that's the team. Make sure to check back later on as I continue to round out the list.


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