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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

Three Commercials Worth Watching

We’re doing something different this week here at Not Quite Lewis and Clark. The paddles are headed into storage, and instead we’re talking commercials. My three favorite current commercials right now to be exact. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But Austin I thought this was a professional dedicated blog to your exploits along the Mississippi River!”  To those people I say you can’t tell me how to live my life!

The List (in order of length)

1) Domino’s Life Moves Pretty Fast Commercial


For starters who doesn’t love Ferris Bueller? If your hand just shot up, or worse you have no idea who that is why don’t you just excuse yourself from this post, and take some time to think about your life choices. Anyway…

I give the agency credit for being able to conjure up this Bueller image without dragging Matthew Broderick out from whatever he’s doing these days (which a quick IMBD search tells me is an animated movie called Amusement Park). However, this never mentioned Ferris Bueller comparison is not why the commercial made the list. It would have been thrown into the easily forgotten pile if it wasn’t for a few brief seconds (around the 6 second mark) in which our hero (Joe Keery from Stranger Things) is seen playing the flute? The Oboe? (help me out woodwind instrument people) With a baseball game in the background as he awaits the arrival of his Domino’s pizza. Now that I’ve pointed this out go back and try to not smile when this image jumps onto the screen. You may also now realize I have a very low standard for comedy.

                      (The sad state of how boring baseball can be. This coming from a baseball fan!)

 2) Chipotle’s As Real As It Gets – Confessions Commercial


I’ll admit this one gets off to a slow start, but those who stick with it are rewarded with some great one liners. Maybe it’s my dry sense of humor kicking in, but when the voice asks Sam (Richardson) to be more interesting I laugh every time. If that wasn’t enough go back and check out his facial expressions. This guy is the real deal, and I’m giving him bonus points for having cameos in a couple of my favorite shows (The Office, Portlandia, and Arrested Development- minus the final Netflix exclusive season of course).

3) Boston Celtics’ See Them in Person Commercial

If you don’t live in New England chances are you’ve probably never laid eyes on this beauty. The Boston Celtics are winners right out of the gate seeing how their concept is to give underprivileged kids a chance to meet NBA players.  I’d also like to shake the hand of the person who suggested the kids initially wear virtual reality glasses. But (yes there’s always a but) just like the first example there is one particular scene which captured my attention. That’s Kelly Olynyk registering this impressive NBA level rejection.

(In today’s world of coddled youngsters Kelly Olynyk is making sure one kid realizes life is unfair.)

The spot also raises a big question I feel still needs answering. Was this Olynyk’s only swat, or did he keep rejecting kids to the point the film crew finally gave up? Having seen Boston’s man bun continuously get out muscled I’m leaning towards the second option. Can you blame him? For the first time ever too tall Kelly Olynyk got a chance to stockpile his block numbers.

Finally, I leave you with this oldie but goodie. Since it first aired in 2007 this has been my mom’s favorite commercial, and will likely forever retain the title.


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