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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

Weekly River Recap

Well folks can you believe it we've been out on the river for almost a week now. However, as any good cross fit member knows your progress doesn't count unless you talk about it. So each Monday (assuming we have service and data) we’ll recap the previous week so you can see just how slowly we're inching our way down the map.

Weekly Miles: 128.8
Day 1- 15.6 miles: We started at the Mississippi headwaters in Lake Itasca and made our way down to Coffee Pot Landing (campsite). I already wrote a previous article detailing our first day, and you can find that here.
Day 2-25.1 miles: Coffee Pot Landing to Iron Bridge Watercraft campsite. This was not our most fun day. Here the river turned into a marshy mess, and for half the day we thought we were lost (we weren't). Since we missed our initial campsite we added on an extra 10 grueling miles we weren't prepared for.
Day 3- 18.1 miles: Iron Bridge to the city of Bemidji. Again I've already detailed this beauty of a city which you can read here. Two other points of note; to get to the city we first had to cross the land mine terrain which is called Fallen Pines. Plus we navigated our first lake (they aren't fun).
Day 4- 21 miles: Bemidji to Star Island. The name says it all. We paddled out and then camped in the middle of an island. I was not a happy camper when I awoke as I found a spider the size of a half dollar siting in my crocs (yes Tom Brady and I own the world’s ugliest shoe).
Day 5- 24(ish) miles: Star Island to halfway across Lake Winnibigoshish (Winni). I don't know the exact distance because we called it quits for the day about halfway around the lake. This put us on this little island that was not a designated campsite but we made it one anyway. If you go straight across the lake (which we've been told in a canoe is a suicide mission) you’ll travel 17 miles (and that's what I added to our total). However, since we like life we hugged the shoreline which made it about a 25-30 mile excursion.
Day 6- 25 miles: Lake Winni to Gamblers Point. With a name like Gamblers Point it’d be foolish not to stay here. We camped up on a hill (the picture below is from here), and met a trio of kayakers. While they planned to kayak for only a week they certainly made our trip seem less impressive as they were 69, 30 something (father son combo) and 73 (father’s brother).



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