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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

Walking in Memphis

Happy Friday everyone! Don't worry we know you already have one foot out the door so there will be no heavy lifting in this blog post. We figured we'd help you roll into the weekend with some interesting(ish) facts from our journey. Pop a cold one (if you're of age), kick your feet up, and enjoy these five random tidbits from the river.

1) The Final Countdown- As we sit here in Memphis we're looking at a measly 630 miles until New Orleans! Now that's not technically where the river ends, but since our parents still expect to see us again alive that's likely where we’ll finish.

2) Down Goes Frazier- We've knocked out six of the 10 states the Big Muddy goes through. What's left would be the rest of the Arkansas/Tennessee split, and then the states of Mississippi and Louisiana.

3) Lost and Found- It turns out we’re not great at holding onto our stuff. Here's everything (thus far) we've either lost or broken.
Three pairs of sunglasses (broke two, one lost)
Three sporks (lost two, broke one)
Cooler (lost)
Jetboil camping stove (lost)
T-shirt (lost)
Life jacket (lost)
Tent (broke)
Paddling gloves (lost)
Tent poles (lost- this one was a killer)
Knife (lost)

4) Sing Us a Song- You'd think a trip like this would have us signing a different jaunty tune each evening. If you believed that you'd also be wrong. We've really stuck to two songs while we've been out here. The first one was, Buy Me a Boat by Chris Janson. Now (for obvious reasons) we only sing the little bit we know of Walking in Memphis.

5) NQLC Book Club- So it turns out we're big readers now. Here's a combined list to date of what we've read.
Brady vs Manning
The Legend of Bagger Vance
Man’s Search for Meaning (both read this one)
Minnesota Boating Guide
Heaven is a Playground
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
The Story of Old Ste. Genevieve
Marx for Beginners

See I told you this wouldn't be difficult. Don't forget to come back Monday when we’ll Recap another exciting week. Paddle on! (Oh and cheers!)



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