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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

Weekly River Recap (Week 8)

The blue suede shoes walked all over Memphis this week! While the city was our most memorable adventure, it wasn't the only thing that happened. Here are all the loose ends from 08/07-08/13.

Weekly Miles: 205
Overall Miles: 1649
Remaining Miles (that's new and exciting): 565

Day 49- 33 Miles: Titonville, Tennessee to just past Interstate 155. We jumped off the river and met up with the friendly folks of Caruthersville, Missouri. Had a dinner that couldn't be beat from a little joint called Bro. Doug’s BBQ.
Day 50- 57 Miles (Personal Record): Interstate 155 to Fulton, Tennessee. Feel free to give us a round of applause as that little total was a new personal record. A big reason why we were able to do this is because Clark (Trent) felt, “rejuvenated”. Too bad that meant I couldn't raise my arms by the end of the night.
Day 51- 35 Miles: Fulton, Tennessee to an island across St. Claire Clevasse. We camped out with the Memphis skyline in view. Since we had been singing, Walking in Memphis all week we slept as much as a little kid does on Christmas Eve (sorry to our Jewish friends).
Day 52- 5 Miles: St. Claire Clevasse to Memphis, Tennessee. It was a tough five mile day as we pulled into Memphis. We want to issue a big thank you to our Air BNB hosts (The Bonds) who came and picked us up at the boat ramp. Turns out Memphis has a giant pyramid which is now home to a Bass Pro Shop (who knew).
Day 53- 0 Miles: Memphis. We embraced our tourist label as we explored every popular nook and cranny in the city. For our New England fans out there just know Beale Street has $4, 32 ounce beers, and no open container law. We are big fans of Memphis, and you can bet we are already planning our trip back.
Day 54- 30 Miles: Memphis to right outside Horseshoe Lake. We were pleasantly surprised with how quiet the Port of Memphis was as we snuck in and out without any issue. Clark was hurting today, and I had to drag him to this 30 mile total. We got a big boost when I suggested we indulge in the always amazing, “float beer” (I swear we don't drink that much).
Day 55- 45 Miles: Horseshoe Lake to an Island right outside Helena. It wasn't supposed to be a big day, but it turned into one. I think we were paddling faster than usual because we were slowly getting drenched throughout the entire day. Naturally it rained the hardest after Clark boldly stated he'd be willing to bet the dark clouds didn't mean rain (I should have taken him up on that).

A Look Ahead: What can I say the finish line is dead ahead. It's kind of crazy to think we won't be out here much longer. This is not the time to get sentimental, but this is the first instance I've seen the end date start to come into focus.



(NQLC taking over Beale Street)


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