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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

We Made It!

Yes you better believe it, we've come to a safe landing in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana, I can't say the last couple of days were easy (because they were not), but it was all worth it as we popped the bubbly on the muddy New Orleans' shore. I'm going to need some time to reflect here, but don't worry a whole host of new posts are in the works. However, I first need a little vacation from this "vacation."


On a side note (and I wont tell you how to feel about this) we've also sold Jean. She's going to a great family here in New Orleans (don't worry we did a background check), and they were just as excited about our trip as they were the canoe. 


I'm going to do this multiple times (sorry in advance), but I wanted to thank everyone who has followed along, and more importantly (yes I'm playing favorites) those who either contributed to the cause, or helped us along the way. You guys are all amazing, and you'll be the reason for many a raised glass here in the bayou. Until next post, Paddle On! 



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