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Not Quite Lewis and Clark

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Ripped From the Headlines

By Richard Zielinski March 20, 2018

We know what you're thinking...."Why the heck is there a new blog post from notquitelc? Haven't..

10 Tips For Canoeing the Mississippi River

By Austin Fontanella September 13, 2017

When my brother and I began doing research for this trip we uncovered a troubling realization;..

The Evolution of the River Men

By Austin Fontanella September 8, 2017

If Pokemon can evolve why can’t we? If you were lucky enough to know us before this trip (or while..

We Made It!

By Austin Fontanella September 1, 2017

Yes you better believe it, we've come to a safe landing in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana, I..

Weekly River Recap (Week 10)

By Austin Fontanella August 28, 2017

Regardless if you want to believe it or not, it's happened. We're entering our last full week which..

That Feeling you get when the Bayou is around the Bend

By Trent Fontanella August 23, 2017

Your favorite paddlers are closing in on New Orleans, and the excitement level is pushing through..


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